The hormonal system is very important in the life of every woman. It influences the monthly cycles - menstruation, ovulation, the inner balance and also different changes due to menopause which can sometimes last for years. Often we count on different medicaments and herbs not knowing that there exist very interesting yogic excercises aimed directly at the female energy and hormone levels. These excercises have the power to prepare us-women for menopause, to get rid of sweating and rushes, they help in gaining better inner balance and at least but not last they refresh our daily physical excercise. The male body is also ruled by hormones and therefore we offer special excercises for men.

The School of Yoga in Bašť invites you for the workshop:

Hormonal yoga

Supports woman´s health during all of her life periods and cycles, regulates her hormonal system, increases creativity and so contributes to possitive thinking. It helps the woman to rediscover and to refresh her own body in harmony with her soul and mind and to deal with health problems during menopause and sudden mood-changes related to her periodical cycles. It eliminates problems caused by low hormon-levels naturally, e.g.: premenstrual syndrome (PMS), climacteric symptomes, rushes, sleeplessness, emotional instability, feelings of stress, panic, depression, indecisiveness, intelectual symptomes, memory-worsening, cysts (PCO), infertility, dry skin, hair loss, brittle nails.
Hormonal yoga was created by Dinah Rodrigues from Brazil ( after many years of practice. The impulse to it gave Dina her gynecologist. After he realized her unusually high hormone-levels and the perfect condition of her body he asked her to set a system of physical excercises for his patients. As he was quite sceptical at the beginning he started a research on the effects of Hormonal yoga on woman´s body.

Through the whole seminar will lead you an experienced hormonal yoga instructoress PaedDr Martina Mangová




Program: Starts on Friday 5 pm, finishes on Saturday 6 pm. The whole weekend seminar includes 12 hours of physical excercise devided in morning and afternoon blocks.