Would you like to learn how to draw a portrait even though you have never been good at drawing or painting?
Do you have any personal troubles or blocks hidden deep inside your soul?

visit the three days seminar of personal development at the School of Yoga in Bašť, Czech Republic

Drawing on the right side of the brain

Instructor: Dana Líbová – university degree in fine arts, instructor of seminars teaching different textile-art-techniques.

Dealing with personal problems and relationships, workig with energy-fields, rightbrain auto-portrait drawing. Connection between the development of your drawing and your personality – the results of this seminar will surprise you positively not just in your art work but also in your daily life.




100 Euro


Who is this seminar designed for?
For everybody who want to revive and boost their forgotten, suppressed or undiscovered talents. For those
who want to surprise themselves, support their own self-confidence, who are not afraid of trying new things
in their life. Also for parents, teachers, tutors, potential students of fine art.

What do you need to take with you?
A portrait of yourself or another person – ideally printed black-and-white digital photograph taken from the
front in the A4 formate. In the case you bring several pictures we´ll choose the most suitable one.
It is also possible to bring a photo of another person you don´t have a good relationship with or did not have
time to say Goodbye to. You can use the Right brain drawing technique to overcome any inconvenioence
caused by situations of similar art.


Also take good mood with you, everything else will be provided.
Concerning accomodation – it is possible to stay in our house together (gratis) or to stay in the
neighbourhood (20 Euro for the stay of 1 person).